Creating a place of interpretation, contemplation, and inspiration. 

The Peace Corps service requires some the finest attributes of what it means to be an American:  Self-confidence and humility, fearlessness and compassion, commitment and flexibility, Individual strength and reliance on others.  To translate this into a piece of Public Art we can simply defined these characteristic as boldness and modesty. 

Public Art, in general embodies both boldness and modesty by creating a relationship between the audience, the landscape, and the piece of work itself.  To bring together these three major items we are creating a poetic composition of spaces between the structure, landscape, and audience that we believe captures the spirit of the Peace Corp.

The (3) major goals for this project are:

  • The intertwining of architecture, engineering, and landscape.  To create an urban node that displaces; creativity, strength, and self-reliance, as well as elegancy, grace, and simplicity.  
  • Overlapping perspectives and unfolding of spatial experience.  As visitor moves around the site and/or stands still - they will experience a changing perspective between the structure and site, or simple a change of light.   Having the sun move around the structure creating different shades and shadows.   
  • Change of scale.  The Structure at different points in space can be experience at different scales.  At any point a visitor can sit on the structure, but at another point in space the structure can be over the visitors head. 


Thomas Politi & Rachel Kirby