Politi + Siano Architects


Architecture is more than just a profession, it is a solution to many functional problems in the world. Thus the Architect can be viewed as a "problem-solver". The Architect is able to provide analysis and solutions to best suit the client’s needs while viewing each piece of the problem as a part of the whole puzzle. The relationship between the Architect and client is unified and the product they create together is the optimal solution.

Architecture and Life


In life one plays many roles, and their theater or stage for life is the architecture around them. Architecture becomes the setting for the story by creating a time, a place, and a spirit in which the events of life occur.

When this becomes understood, one should realize that architecture creates this three-dimensional backdrop that should complement, and inspire its inhabitants to interact with each other, the landscape, as well as with one’s inner soul.

Architecture is humanely constructed, yet it should be as phenomenal and as graceful as nature.  There is simplicity in form, structure, spatial composition in nature that should be realized and understood.  It’s with this clear vision and understanding of the nature environment that should lead to an architecture that is a beautiful interpretation of both man and landscape.

Michael SianoComment