Urban Infill – The site is located in Amsterdam, New York on Main Street.  A former carpet mill town, which over the years has been slowly decreasing in population.  This decrease has led to the downtown area being empty with both abandon buildings and many vacant lots. 

Awarded a grant from the New York State Council on the Art (NYSCA) to develop a concept for an infill building that would begin the process of revitalizing urban areas such as Amsterdam.  A method that would address many of the urban issues, as well as further the innovation and excellence in design.

The Art Center focused on three major items: 1) Amsterdam multi-cultural neighborhoods, and how they relate as a whole. 2) The architecture (past & present) and the dialog it creates in the neighborhoods.  3) The landscape and urban patterns.     


  • Three-Story 14,000 Square Foot
  • Exhibition Space
  • Café
  • Office / Admin area
  • Classroom (Dance, and Painting/Drawing Studio)
  • Black Box Theater (165 seats)
  • Series of Gardens including a roof garden

Thomas Politi